Valentines Day Games

Valentine Day Word Games

This is a word game where famous couples come together.
How to play:
Divide the players into 2 teams and make them sit in two rows facing each other.
The first player on one side begins by asking the first player on the other team to complete this famous couple:
“Romeo and …..” the opposing player says “Juliet”
Move down the row of players and then the other team starts….
“Ram and……” Mata Sita
“Cinderella and …..” – Prince Charming
“Heer and …..” – Ranjah
And so on.

Valentines Paper Dance Game

Game of Paper Dance is a lot fun as well as it brings both the partners close to each other and strengthen their relation..Playing this game seems pretty romantic ??…..

Method to Play:
1. The dancing couple have to dance on a piece of paper and every say 4 minutes the paper is folded and the couple has to dance on that piece of paper only.
2. If one of them or both slip or dance outside the paper then they are out of the competition. The couple that dances till the end of the game on that small paper wins the game.